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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here's a light-hearted moment from the conference....

I was sitting in the VIP section at the banquet only several feet away from Jane Fernandes and I was wearing an anti-Fernandes T-shirt!!! It was the one that shows her as a baby with the sash that says: "Jordan's handpicked crony."

Anyway, there I was, sitting there with my name tag and everything, wondering what was going to happen, or if any of Fernandes's friends would turn their heads and see me. Then Mrs. Rarus walks over and says, "Have you seen my little boy, Tim? Wasn't he just sitting right there next to you a minute ago?"

I answered, "Isn't your little boy about 40 years old??" She said, "Well, I was my daddy's little girl when I was 50 years old..."

Then she looked at my name tag and said, "Oh, you're THAT Brian Riley?!?!"

I grinned and signed, "Maybe not!"

She shot back, "Oh, get real!" Then I admitted I was and we both laughed. I told her "Shhh...." because Jane was sitting close by.

After she left, my friend (a deaf leader I have known for 20 years) turned to me and said, "She knew who you were." I told him, "Yes, I'm famous now.... Or infamous.... Then I told him how I was arrested at Gallaudet and kicked off campus.

That reminds me.... Earlier that evening I saw Ryan C. and I went up to say hello and tease him. I told him, "I'm placing you under citizen's arrest!" We both got a good laugh out of it. It felt so good to be on friendly territory where neither of us were being threatened with being arrested.

So far, Ryan and I are the only two protesters who have been arrested at Gally. Will there be more? Hmm.... I doubt that Jordan has the guts to do it again or is that stupid. His previous actions have already backfired on him so bad. Now he has these silly, silly rules about not sleeping in tents overnight. Oooooo.... We're scared!.... (NOT!)

This time what we should do is put up the tents right outside his bedroom window at House One. Maybe we can run an extension cord out his bedroom window? (Hey, Linda, could you plug this in for us? Oh, OK, we'll turn off the music early tonight, say about 3 a.m.?)



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