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Friday, December 08, 2006

Nine points of grievance presented to the Gallaudet Board of Trustees:

Note (7/29/12): In an article which appeared in The Weekly Standard (then a Rupert Murdoch publication) on April 2, 2007, the author, Charlotte Allen, interpreted Point 2 of the Nine Points of Grievance in a bizarrely incorrect fashion, casting significant doubt on her credibility (and the credibility of Jane K. Fernandes who advised her on the article), characterizing Point 2 as demanding that Fernandes by "barred" from setting foot on the Gallaudet campus.

Obviously the phrase "in any capacity" was referring to professional capacity, i.e., that Fernandes should not be re-hired.

Even those of only modest intellectual means who read further will be compelled to issue harsher judgment against both the author and Fernandes.

If there was any doubt as to the anti-intellectual nature of Charlotte Allen's long commentary, a reference to a single sentence (on page 25) is enough to expose the author as engaging in a practice that can only be charitably described as being childishly naive. Perhaps echoing Jane Fernandes' own incomprehensible claim (made at the noontime forum on May 8, 2006), Allen also posits that there can be such a thing as a person "using English and ASL at the same time" and that such a conception can somehow constitute a viable form of bilingual education.

Yet, no educator in the field of bilingual education of spoken languages would make such an untenable claim–a claim which, beyond being absurd on its face, is simply cognitively impossible to achieve. There is no such thing as any human being in the whole history of the planet earth using two languages simultaneously in spontaneous usage. That Fernandes and Allen thought there could be such a thing, should give one pause and cause the reader to wonder how such a person (Fernandes) could ever be considered to be a viable candidate for any position in middle management in education, let alone a higher one.

All this was already very well known to the protesters as early as May 8, 2006, yet politicians like John McCain and Tom Harkin (along with a ragtag and accidental assortment of some of the "Harkenites" who surround and support him) continued to persist in holding to their anti-intellectual support of Fernandes as the supposed "best" person to ascend to the presidency at Gallaudet.


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Nine points

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Here is more information about Senator Tom Harkin and his involvement in the promotion of pseudoscience:

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Fixed link for the link right above here...

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