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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Davila interview on CNN (Link to video): is currently offering an online version of Friday's interview with Gallaudet President Robert Davila.

The link will change in a few days. Check back to this post to get updated information when the link changes. Here is the link:

Look at the green box on the right side of the screen that has the title: "Watch" and says: "Sign of healing at Gallaudet". Click on that link to see the video.

NOTE: See the PS down below for the number of hits to this post.

If you can't see the video on CNN, you need to download Adobe Flash:

Apple Macintosh users can download Flash here:

For future reference, here is the link for this post:

Here's the link to the Gallyprotest press release that links here:

We contacted today (Sunday), in order to ask them to add open captions to the video, but the staff people who handle videos will not return to work until Monday morning. We will call them again at that time. (SEE MONDAY'S UPDATE BELOW)

Another version of the video (no sound, no captions) is available on Joey Baer's VLOG:

If you can't see it on Joey's site, you will need to download Quicktime, here:

If you have an Apple Macintosh computer, you can download Quicktime here:


I tried to get through to the department today without luck. All of my CNN contacts were too busy to help me get through. I left a message for the switchboard operator's superviser to forward on to the appropriate person. Who knows if they will do that?

Also, I found two fax numbers for CNN. I was successful in sending a fax to one of the numbers. The other number always busy. If someone wants to print this pdf file out and try to fax it to CNN, or write your own fax, please be my guest.

Here's the pdf file:

Here is the fax number for CNN that is always busy:

(404) 827-1593

Who knows? Maybe if someone calls the CNN switch board using IP Relay they will connect you through to The switchboard number for CNN is:

(404) 827-1700

They have a rule to forbid transfering a call unless someone can give them the first and last name of the CNN employee they are calling. All I have are two first names, Sandy and David, of people that work in the department, and they would not accept that and refused to transfer my call to the Internet department (

If you call the switchboard, you might have more luck asking for the "News Tip" choice on the voice mail system. I only had to wait 15 minutes that way. Choosing 0 (zero) for switchboard operator got me stuck on hold for more than 30 mintues.


PS As of 6 am., Wednesday, there have been 300 people looking at this post, since the press release was issued on Sunday.

The press release is sent out to approximately 1,100 people on two different lists:



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