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Monday, April 16, 2007

Interview shows Jordan is in deep denial

Disgraced former Gallaudet President Irving Jordan showed himself to be in deep, deep denial, in an interview conducted last Thursday, which was published Sunday on the official 150 Years on Kendall Green conference blogsite.

The interview of Irving Jordan shows a man who is in deep, deep denial. Jordan is continuing to speak as if his presidency at Gallaudet was a success, when in actuality, the MSA letter of January 13, 2007, proves that Jordan's presidency was a total failure, revealing that Jordan had misled the MSA and had also failed to do the proper things to maintain Gallaudet's good accreditation standing in actions going back years.

Jordan also deliberately attempts to distort the clear meaning of the MSA letter when he talks about an engineering school, med school, vet school, saying that Gallaudet cannot "be all things to all people" by creating those schools as part of the university. In actuality, Jordan is attempting to divert our attention from MSA's crystal clear message that his (and Fernandes') type of "inclusive university" plan was very wrong for Gallaudet.

Jordan and Fernandes' "inclusive university" plan was wrong, because Gallaudet has always had the historic mission of serving ASL deaf students. This is what made Gallaudet successful and is Gallaudet's niche. Every successful agency needs to find its proper niche, otherwise the agency would become mediocre if it tried to spread itself too thin, or if it attempted to accomplish goals that clash with one another.

Gallaudet cannot be a place where professors lecture simultaneously in ASL and English, because that's impossible. It has to be one or the other. Gallaudet is the place for ASL students. All other types of deaf people have always been welcome to attend, as long as they learn ASL. Gallaudet has always been inclusive in that way (in its admissions policy), but not in Jordan and Fernandes' way.

Jordan and Fernandes' way would have destroyed Gallaudet, and the MSA understood this.

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Blogger Jason said...

I strongly disagree with IKJ about Gallaudet not being able to have an engineering program. On the contrary, it is very possible! Catholic University, a Division III school in the same athletic league as Gallaudet, has a school of Engineering with a Dean. A potential engineering program at Gallaudet doesn’t have to be a WHOLE school unto itself, it could be a program with a couple courses offered and a lab (maybe expanding the Math/CS department to a Math/Cs/Enginnering dept), working on Deaf-related technology, such as a glove-based ASL recognition system.

April 16, 2007 at 11:51 AM  

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