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Monday, May 07, 2007

Paul Kelly, Karen Kimmel and Carl Pramuk must go!

Paul Kelly, Karen Kimmel and Carl Pramuk must go!


The Protest will continue until Paul Kelly, Karen Kimmel and Carl Pramuk are gone from Gallaudet. There can be no compromise.

THREE reliable people witnessed Paul Kelly, on October 25, 2006, smiling (!) on the day he directed DPS officers and PPD employees to assault protesters by throwing plumbing hardware at their tents and by plowing into their tents with a bulldozer without checking to see if people were inside the tents.

Paul Kelly could possibly have been charged with at least some degree of attempted manslaughter. His actions were inexcusable. For him to then SMILE in the presence of these three reliable witnesses was more than an outrage. It shows him to be a villain who must be expelled from our midst who must never be allowed to return.

Gallaudet's enrollment statistics will never improve as long as Kelly remains on campus. The community will never accept this.

Here's how Paul Kelly's assault was
reported in the Washington Times.

(NOTE: Please see the continuation of this Commentary below.)

Gallaudet razes 'tent city' at gate
By Arlo Wagner
October 26, 2006

The protest over incoming Gallaudet University President Jane K. Fernandes became heated yesterday as school officials tried to reopen one of the gates that students had been blocking for more than two weeks and protesters tried to take over an administration building.

A large earth-mover scooped up tents that the protesters had set up near the Brentwood Road gate and the students' belongings before it started to lift a fired-up grill which protesters had been using to stay warm. Metropolitan Police and the D.C. fire department were called.

Four students were injured during the confrontation.

Graduate student Brian Morrison, 23, of Fremont, Calif., said he was injured when the steel gate was moved back and its wheels rolled over one of his toes.

"I was just standing there peacefully holding the gate with my arms and got injured doing so," he told the Associated Press.

Others suffered bruises and their clothing was torn.

Trevor Baldwin, 20, a sophomore from Indiana said the situation happened "very, very fast."

"They were throwing things at my tent ... They were very physical," he said, describing how officers pulled him off the metal gate.

Dexter Jones, 20, a sophomore from Florida, said he was standing next to a police car when an officer opened the door, bruising his leg and tearing his jeans.

"It became chaotic," said freshman Sean Stone, 18, of Phoenix, adding that a truck backed up against him. "There was no warning. Now we feel we cannot trust the system."


At least two protesters were sent to the emergency room on October 25, 2006, as a result of Paul Kelly's assault against peaceful protesters.

On the evening of May 1, 2006, the first day of the protest,
Elisa Abenchuchan reported the following in her blog:


And then I turned around and saw a math teacher, Dr. Zoltan Szekely, standing with us. He was expressing his support for us and saying that the faculty was not in favor of Jane. So I asked him if he would tell me the faculty's side and name him as a source, and he said he would. Here is what he told me:

A poll was taken of the faculty. 2/3 are not for Fernandes, only 1/3 support her.

Fernandes was appointed as Provost without the faculty's knowledge. They were surprised when she was picked by I. King Jordan, and they objected, but Jordan stood by his decision and the faculty couldn't do anything.

Then, during a break when all the faculty wasn't on campus, the Dean of CLAST, Karen Kimmel was appointed. They all came back to find her in power, and again they weren't happy, but they couldn't do anything. Their voices weren't being heard.

Then Kimmel, along with Fernandes, had a lot of power over the departments. They had to do what she wanted, and they were scared of being fired if they did not oblige.

As for the Math/Computer Science Department -- they failed some students from their classes and then Kimmel actually ordered them to pass those students. Again, the teachers obliged because they didn't want to lose their jobs.


The next day on May 2, 2006,
Elisa continued the reporting:


Erica Parker and Tawny Holmes stated some facts -- 2/3 of the faculty do not support Fernandes, some of them feel that they have a gun to their head with Fernandes and Karen Kimmel in power..

Erica pointed out a man in the audience holding a sign - it was Dr. Zoltan, holding up a sign that said something like Stop Babying Down Education.

Tawny said, some teachers lost their opportunity to get tenure, and their voices have been oppressed. She added, the Provost's responsibility is to work with academic issues.. but in the past 6 years with Fernandes as Provost, the ELI program has been struggling, international students have been frustrated with lack of support, the retention of students has not been good and not improving.

Tawny concluded that all these facts says a lot about Fernandes' work capabilities and the problem is more than just her personality.

A man said, BoT made this decision, let them come and explain this to us. He was told that they would be here next Thursday, but then Jordan stepped in and said that the BoT will NOT come.


How did Jordan know that the Board will not come? The answer is that Jordan was totally in charge of the Board. They were puppets.

Many of those same Board members are STILL on the Board today. It is expected that certain Board members STILL feel a sense of allegiance to Jordan and they are acting on his behalf. Jordan's main objective now must be to hold onto as much control of the Board as he possibly can, in order to prevent a full investigation being made of the misdeeds of his administration.

Dr. Davila has no control over whether Paul Kelly is fired. That decision belongs to the Board. They appointed him (Kelly) as Treasurer of Gallaudet, and only they, the Board, can remove him. Kelly's continued presence on campus can only be interpreted one way:

The Board wants him there to protect Jordan, because they fear that Jordan and Kelly's dirty laundry will be exposed to the public.

Karen Kimmel was one of the main agents of Jordan and Kelly's Management By Intimidation ("MBI") tactics. Faculty members felt that Fernandes and Kimmel were putting "a gun to their heads."

This is not an example of effective or proper handling of a dean's responsibilities. There is no excuse for Kimmel's continued presence on campus. She should have been dismissed long ago.

The November 9, 2006 article in the Washington Post called "A Conflict of Integrity Surfaces"--which is an article about Kimmel's outrageous tactics of intimidation against faculty members--is one of the main things that caught the attention of the Middle States accreditors.

Kimmel is a menace. She must go. There can be no compromise.

All throughout the protest, Carl Pramuk was
acting like a kapo, shadowing protesters around campus, conveying their movements to DPS with his pager, arranging for some to be expelled from campus and given persona non grata status for no valid reasons whatsoever.

As Tina Jo Breindel expressed so eloquently in her
Open Letter to Pramuk and Goldberg of December 1, 2006:


We have indicated that this a lesson in “listening” to our deaf warriors who cared about the very foundation that Gallaudet stood upon all these years.


Carl Pramuk didn't listen. He continued assisting the forces of oppression without remorse. We must now show no mercy to Carl Pramuk. His continued presence on the Gallaudet campus represents a continued threat to Gallaudet's future. He must go. There can be no compromise.

Carl Pramuk's misdeeds at Gallaudet go back many years, as
"Silent Screams" article in People magazine already revealed 13 years ago:

The Protest will continue until Paul Kelly, Karen Kimmel and Carl Pramuk are gone.


Blogger Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Tracking info from (U.s. Department Of Education)

District Of Columbia, Washington, United States

Date Time WebPage
8th May 2007 06:42:20
8th May 2007 06:45:12

May 8, 2007 at 7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen Kimmel bypassed the promotion and tenure committee to grant Peggy Reichard full professorship and tenure. Reichard is the best friend of I. King Jordan's wife, Linda Joran.

She teaches only pottery, which is a non-academic course, and she had already been fired from MSSD, but Linda Jordan and I. King Jordan saved her by putting her in the Art Dept. They did this without any interview or approval from the department chair. No proper procedures were followed.

The faculty of Art Department were outraged, but they were silenced by King Jordan. He threatened some members by firing them.


Margaret H. "Peggy" Reichard has been on the Gallaudet campus since 1979 and is an example of why Gallaudet is under scrutiny by the MSCHE. As a crony of Irving and Linda Jordan, she was granted favoritism (just like Paul Kelly, a nobody who was made vice president in 1988 because of his close friendship with Jordan.)

This is inexcusable and shameful. Her tenure status should be reviewed and revoked if the proper procedures were not followed.

This is one more example (out of many examples) of why Karen Kimmel has violated the trust of the Gallaudet community and misused the power of her office.

Misusing the power of one's office at Gallaudet (e.g. granting tenure undeservedly) can be judged to be a violation of Federal Law, i.e., the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA).

May 8, 2007 at 1:15 PM  
Blogger Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

From the tracking info of the GPLI blog provided by

(Fox News Channel)
District Of Columbia, Washington, United States, 3 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
8th May 2007 14:54:47

May 8, 2007 at 2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to ridor, Paul kelly is leaving Gallaudet in June.


Whether or not that's true, we can't leave the decision within Paul Kelly's control. Massive political pressure should be put on Kelly and the Board of Trustees until he is actually gone.

This is too important to allow ourselves to be manipulated. Some inside source claimed a couple months ago that supposedly Kelly submitted his resignation for June 2007, then later most other inside sources claimed that Kelly planned to stay, contradicting the earlier inside source who said he was resigning.

The Board should fire him, plain and simple, and put an end once and for all to this Kafkaesque episode in Gallaudet's history. He is a disgrace of the highest order, and every minute that he is on campus is one more minute of damage done to the reputation for our beloved instituation--with more and more students being scared away from enrolling every day.


May 8, 2007 at 3:40 PM  

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